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Las Vegas Real Estate Glossary C
(California Bungalow - Ceiling Rate)

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California Bungalow
Early twentieth century type of a small one-story home.

California Ranch
Long, one-story house with sloping roof with skylights and contemporary windows.

Call Option
Loan agreement clause allowing the lender to ask for the balance due at any time.

Capital Assets
Assets purchased for use over long periods of time, such as land and buildings, rather than for resale and can be fixed assets consisting of tangible assets such as plants and equipment and intangible assets, such as patents.

Capital Gains Tax
Taxes placed on profits from the sale of investments or real estate. (US tax)

Capital Loss
Loss from an investment resulting from the sale of that real estate.

Cash Accounting
Keeping records of money received or expended.

Cash Basis
Method of accounting in which expenses are recorded when cash is paid and revenue is recorded when cash is received.

Cash Equity
Amount, in cash, invested in property.

Cash Equivalency
Price for which real estate would be sold if all cash was involved.

Cash Flow
Cash remaining on a rental property when the operating expenses and loan payment are deducted from the gross rental.

Cash Flow Statement
Financial records of receipts and expenditures during a specific period.

Cash Value
Expected market value of property if sold today.

Cash-out Refinance
Refinancing of a mortgage where the money received from the new loan is greater than the amount due on the old loan. These funds can then be used in any manner by the borrower.

Ceiling Loan
Maximum loan that can be borrowed by a potential debtor.

Ceiling Rate
A controlled or administered price, which is set for property by a federal or local agency, usually in extraordinary circumstances.

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