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Las Vegas Real Estate Glossary F
(First Refusal Right - Foliated)

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First Refusal Right
Being offered the right to buy something before it is offered to others. The opportunity of a party to match the terms of a proposed contract before the contract is executed.

Fixed Assets
Also called long-term assets, they are assets such as office equipment that can be depreciated.

Fixed Expenses
Those expenses which remain the same regardless of circumstances.

Fixed Installment
Monthly home loan payments.

Fixed Payment Mortgage
A loan secured by real estate, which features a periodic payment of interest, and principal, which is constant over the term of the loan. All fixed payment mortgages are fixed rate mortgages, but some fixed rate mortgages may have variable payments, such as a graduated payment mortgage.

Fixed Rate Mortgage
Loan with an interest rate that remains at a specific rate for the entire loan. Approximately 75 per cent of home mortgages are this type.

Flexible Payment Mortgage
Loan allowing the borrower to pay only the interest for the first few years of the loan.

Floor Loan
The minimum amount of money a lender is willing to provide on a commercial loan for a building that is to be tenant occupied. This loan is progressively funded as the building is constructed and occupied.

Floor Plan
The arrangement of rooms in a structure. A two-dimensional scale drawing of the arrangements, size and orientation of doors, rooms, walls, and windows of a single floor of a building structure.

Flooring, Parquet
Patterned wood flooring, inlaid in geometric forms of contrasting woods.

Folding Door
Door that is manufactured in multiple sections that are hinged and fold back as they are slid open. Ceiling tract mounting is preferable so that the weight of the doors can be held more firmly and without sag.

Folding Partition
Room divider, which is hinged, and folds back to the wall as it is slid open. Ceiling tract mounting is preferable so that the weight of the divider can be held more firmly and without sag.

Folding Rule
Ruler that folds into itself, by hinges at intervals, and which can be extended to measure.

Folding Stairs
Retractable stairway that folds up into an overhead opening, when not in use. Often used as attic stairs, they can be pulled down for use and stored out of the way at other times.

Decorated surface with a leaf design.

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