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Las Vegas Real Estate Glossary F
(Footing - FSBO)

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The base or bottom of a foundation pier, wall, or column that is usually wider than the upper portion of the foundation. The added width at the bottom spreads the load over a wider area.

A policy of restraint in taking legal action to remedy a default or other breach of contract, generally in the hope that the default will be cured, given additional time. Actions a lender may take to delay foreclosure or legal action against a delinquent borrower.

Strength, energy or power needed to accomplish a certain act.

Force Cup
The device normally used to unclog toilets, consisting of a long handle with a rubber cup on the end. When the cup is fitted over the drain and pushed toward the drain by pressure exerted on the handle, the air in the cup is compressed and force is exerted on the obstruction in the drain and pushes it through to clear the pipe. This is also referred to as a plumber's friend or a plumber's helper.

Force Fit
Using force to fit together objects which are close to the same size.

Force Majeure
An unavoidable cause of delay or of failure to perform an obligation in time due to an unpreventable, overwhelming and irresistible force. A clause is often added to a contract to provide indemnification should an Act of God delay completion past the contractual deadline.

Forced Air Heating System (Forced Hot Air)
A heating system that circulates warm air, from a heat source, through the ducting by means of a blower fan.

Forced Sale
Sale of property where the seller is under duress and is unable to allow current market prices and conditions determine the selling price.

Legal process in which a lender ends the borrower's interest in a property after a loan is defaulted.

Freehold Estate
Estate in which ownership is for an indeterminate length of time. Unlimited interest in a property. Freehold estates include freehold in deed, a fee simple estate; freehold in law, an inheritable estate; and determinable freeholds, a life estate.

FSBO (For Sale By Owner)
Homeowner acting as salesperson for his own property. No listing commission is paid but a sales commission may be paid to a buyer's agent.

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