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Las Vegas Real Estate Glossary G
(Gas Fired Furnace - Greenhouse)

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Gas Fired Furnace
Heating system fueled by natural or propane gas.

Gated Community
A fenced housing development, which usually has a security guard.

Open structure, supported by columns and covered with a column-supported roof.

General Contractor
Contractor who assumes responsibility for completing a construction project, under contract to the owner, and hires, supervises and pays all subcontractors.

Georgian Style
Popular 18th century style featuring a symmetrical façade, a prominent front entrance and quoins (decorative blocks of masonry or wood which are set in the corners of the house). This classic style has two to three stories.

Gift Deed
A deed for which the consideration is love and affection rather than monetary.

Graded Tax
Increasing tax rates as levels of taxable income rise.

The slope or rate of increase or decrease in the elevation of a surface; usually expressed as a percentage.

1. To determine the quality level of material.
2. Bring the ground level of a building site to the proper level for construction.

Grandfather Clause
Provision that, when a law is changed or a new law is passed, those whose specific activity was legal under the previous law will be allowed to continue, by virtue of this provision.

Gravity Warm Air Heating System
Heating system, which circulates warm air through ducting using the rise of warm and the fall of cooler air, to heat a house.

Structure used for growing plants. Natural sunlight comes in through glass or plastic panels and the temperature and humidity is controlled to provide ideal growing conditions.

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