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Las Vegas Leasing Information - Step 2: Analyze the Market

During this analysis process, we will review the market over the past 12 to 24 months, and then provide an overview of present market conditions and a forecast for future conditions, including:
- vacancy rates
- rental rates
- sale prices
- absorption rates
- demand levels
- negotiating environment

We will also identify and discuss the impact of the stronger external influences on the real estate market, such as:
- government policy/activity
- labour availability
- population growth
- tax issues
- economic forecasts
- interest rates
- land supply

Finally, we will try to identify in what direction the market is heading and what opportunities are likely to develop in the future.

Market Overview

This is a very general overview of current market conditions. A more in-depth analysis of the market will be prepared as we develop our Action Plan.

The Six Step Approach
Step 1: Analyze Requirements
Step 2: Analyze the Market
Step 3: Identify Opportunities
Step 4: Goals and Objectives
Step 5: Develop Strategy
Step 6: Execute Strategy

Key Issues in a Lease
A Tenant's Perspective
Non-Disturbance and Memorandum of Lease
Tenant's Rights to Make Repairs
Assignment and Subletting
Abatement of Rent When Tenant Is Prevented from Using Premises
Quality of Construction-Standard for Maintenance, Repairs & Operations
Definition of Fair Market Rental Rate
Default by Tenant
Operating Costs, Taxes & Utilities
Tenant's Indemnification
Administration Fee

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