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Las Vegas Leasing Information - Step 6: Execute Strategy

In addition to the execution of the Action Plan, we shall regularly review the information gathered earlier in the process, seizing new opportunities, avoiding obstacles, and adapting to changes. Our experience shows that if Steps 1 through 5 are undertaken diligently, we are able to be far more flexible as market conditions change.

During the execution phase, we will:
- Develop a detailed Expression of Interest and/or Formal Request for Proposal
- Prepare a detailed evaluation of all responses on a financial and non-financial basis
- Organize tours of short-listed alternatives
- Test-fit tenant leasehold requirements into all short-listed alternatives
- Undertake a formal review of all short-listed landlord's standard forms of lease
- Draft and submit offers to lease
- Negotiate offers to lease
- Negotiate a lease
- Perform post-closing services

As always, we will provide regular reports on our progress, and will make adjustments as necessary.

The Six Step Approach
Step 1: Analyze Requirements
Step 2: Analyze the Market
Step 3: Identify Opportunities
Step 4: Goals and Objectives
Step 5: Develop Strategy
Step 6: Execute Strategy

Key Issues in a Lease
A Tenant's Perspective
Non-Disturbance and Memorandum of Lease
Tenant's Rights to Make Repairs
Assignment and Subletting
Abatement of Rent When Tenant Is Prevented from Using Premises
Quality of Construction-Standard for Maintenance, Repairs & Operations
Definition of Fair Market Rental Rate
Default by Tenant
Operating Costs, Taxes & Utilities
Tenant's Indemnification
Administration Fee

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