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Las Vegas Real Estate Glossary M
(Main Vent - Market Research)

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Main Vent
Ventilation system primary vent line.

Periodic expenditure needed to preserve a property's original status rather than to improve that property. Activity required to compensate for wear and tear.

Maintenance Fee
Monthly assessment by homeowner's association on owners and used for maintenance and repair of common areas.

Management Fee
The cost of professional property management, with a fee typically set at a fixed percentage of total rental income generated by the managed property.

A large, imposing, stately home.

Manufactured Gas
Gas, which has been created from coal.

Manufactured Housing
Partially factory-assembled units designed to be transported in parts and then assembled on the site. Prefabricated homes.

Manufacturing Defects
Irregularities, which are happened while the item was being made.

A constant amount added to the value of the index for the purpose of adjusting the interest rate on an adjustable rate mortgage.

Margin of Security
Buffer amount between the value of the collateral and the principal balance of the obligation.

Market Analysis
Research of the supply and demand condition of the real estate market and specific properties in a specific area to discover future trends.

Market Conditions
Factors that, at a particular point in time, affect the sale or purchase of a home.

Market Price
The actual open market price paid in a transaction where real estate is traded.

Market Rent
Rent that a comparable unit would command if offered in a competitive real estate rental market.

Market Research
Surveys, of the area in which a product or service is to be offered, which are done to determine the cost of doing business, any competition, potential sales, etc.

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